Subtle Dance

Sometimes in nature I sway. I sway with the wind as the trees do. I am affected by the wind - I sense and feel the rhythms in it. Even when the wind is not blowing or the tide is not lapping luxuriously upon the shore  - I sense rhythm in nature. I feel its beat and sway.

Try a sway sometime.

Keep the movements small.  Listen into them. Stay with the  small movements— no need to make it big or extreme. Subtle is nice. Just a little movement  - integral, truthful movement from that which is moving... Always. Keep moving. Keep moving.

Try this:

After arriving at a pleasing natural place, stop and breathe a few breaths. Make them slow and conscious breaths - pranayama. Now ground through your feet...slight bend to your knees... straighten your spine, imagine the wire running from sacrum to crown, pulling you gently upwards. Keep breathing. Shift your weight from side to side slowly and gently.

Sway with the deep beat of nature. Stay with it for as long as feels comfortable.

You're dropping in. Drop into rhythm - the heartbeat of your larger body - the Earth.


Keep breathing.