Hand Hearts


When I am in nature I try to connect deeply. I try to awaken my nervous system as best I can. The palms of my hands are potent tools for nature connection. They manipulate, massage, feel, sense, explore, gather information, bring food to my mouth.

When I awaken and partner with my hands as I go deeper into a sensual connection with Nature I feel their power - their possibility to take me deeper.  

Aligned with this is the Hindu system of Chakras which assigns many sub chakras to the hands with the ones in the palms being described as "little heart chakras" - red or gold in color. They are connected to the heart chakra and thus quite powerful in their ability to feel and express love, compassion and gratitude.


Try This:

When in a peaceful soul nurturing natural setting rub your hands together and generate some heat in the palms of your hands. Wake them up - get the blood moving there. Now bring your hands slightly apart and feel for a ball of energy that comes forth in that space. Enjoy it. Play with it. Bring your hands apart further and shape this warm ball of energy between your hands. Now take your hands and place them on a nearby rock or tree or tuft of grass. Keep feeling through your hands. Imagine the energy that comes from your hands going into the earth through this connection. Imagine energy coming from the Earth and into you through the hearts in your hands. Feel it flowing up your arms, down into your heart. Breathe.



 Feel that connection. Awaken the hearts in your hands. Connect them to the heart in your chest. Connect them to the heart of the Earth. Now take them from the rock or tree and place them on your chest, belly or both. Bring it in. 


Keep Breathing.