Nature Child

I was at Olmstead Point, a vista parking area in Yosemite National Park one day many years ago when I saw the power and wisdom of a child's curiosity for nature. A boy bounded from a mini van followed by his attendant parents. He immediately hopped over the small rock wall between the parking area and the wild world of granite landscape and began looking around, exploring. His parents followed. The boy was the leader - he guided his parents into the mysteries of the glaciated rock shelves, boulders, and creeklets. I witnessed his curiosity and sense of adventure influencing those of his parents.

Children approach nature with curiosity and a willingness to explore.  

They seek out connection naturally. While walking in nature, try to tap into the natural child that lives inside of you. Allow yourself to be child-like - to play - to explore - to wander with no plan or agenda.

Be a loose and comfortable child in nature. Relax your adult concerns and reality and see Nature as a playground— a safe place— a place you belong and are welcomed.

Be a Nature Child.

You belong. Your play and celebration are appreciated and needed here. Everywhere.