Let's get outside.

Heard about Nature Deficit Disorder?

Think you might be a candidate?

Maybe that's why you're reading this.

The evidence is mounting. Our "connected" digital lifestyles are leading to profound feelings of emptiness, isolation, and depression.

A remedy for this is spending mindful time outside, unplugged, un-distracted — walking on the earth — observing and listening to Nature: the original teacher.

I’ve been  safely leading people outside for over twenty five years — in the field with organizations like Esalen Institute, Outward Bound, Mountain Travel/SOBEK and Yosemite Institute.

I'll help you make the connection...

1) through words

Read the essays at this website as well as Word From The Field, my 100% Natural Newsletter in which I will share:

• tips for packing your pack.

• suggestions on how to find some nearby Nature to be with.

• proven, effective nature-connection exercises for you to practice and start feeling better.

2) Through Deep Ecology workshops.

If you live in Southern Oregon or Northern California I invite you to join me for a workshop where I will share with you directly as we cross the threshold and head into Nature to practice returning to earth.



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