Healing Waters: a meditative underwater experience

Now available for download. These are video images gathered in crystal clear rivers and streams of California, Idaho, and Oregon, intended to relax, soothe and help the viewer tap into "flow" - to let go - and allow the wonder of nature to flow through you as it actually does. With every breath and beat of your heart - you are a flow-through - a being sustained and designed around flow. Healing Waters will remind you of this and encourage you to return to that state.


And here are some previews of coming attractions that will assist you in connecting with nature when you can't make it away from your screen. These do not serve as a substitute for mindful time in nature. They are meditative natural media - but still media - coming to you via the screen.

Shot in April of 2011 - the last time the drainages of Yosemite were thrumming with high water.

Video shot with a steadicam unit in the Teton Range.