Animal Walk


I am able to go much deeper in my nature connection practice the more liquid, limber, lithe, and flexible I make my movements.

I mimic the movements of wild animals.

I bend my knees and lower my center of gravity - my stance is as wide as my hips or slightly wider. I allow my arms to swing and my fingers to flop around as I walk. I loosen myself up and remain flexible. I want to abandon any rigidity I came to the threshold with. I soften, open, and listen through my body, through my feet.

I flow across the landscape.

If the terrain is unstable and the footing is not secure as on large, loose river cobble, I bend my knees more and prepare myself to use my hands if I need to. I move like a lizard over the shifting rocks.

A suggestion:

Stand solidly on the Earth. Connect through your feet.

Bend your knees.

Stand erect.

Bring your shoulders back and drop them down from your ears.

Open your heart.

Lift your chin.

Feel a small wire attaching at the base of your spine and then running up through your vertebral column up and out the top of your head. This imaginary wire is pulling you gently upwards.

Breathe deeply.

Grounded feet.

Bent knees.

Imaginary wire pulls you upward.

Stand like this and breathe slowly.

What comes to you?

Now begin to move slowly with your bent knees, erect spine and loose arms and hands. Walk slowly and mindfully. There is no rush. You are softening and moving as an animal does through nature.

Become Animal.