The Positive Effects of Negative Ions

When a molecule acquires an extra electron it becomes a negative ion and negative ions improve your health.

One study found that negative ion therapy was as effective as light therapy in subjects diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), a form of depression triggered by the coldness and darkness of winter. LINK

Indoor, heavily electrified, wireless environments give a positive charge to my body which increases blood viscosity (sludge) and systemic inflammation— conditions I want to avoid.

To balance my system after spending a day inside, I try to touch the Earth and ground my electrical body.

Another way to balance and ground is to spend some time with water: specifically—falling water, smashing water, whitewater, exploding water.


Out of such frothing waters come electrons: surges, torrents and mighty windy rivers of them.

They collect at the bases of waterfalls, at the beach where the waves crash and on the banks of rivers, creeks, streams and rivulets.

While being smashed and bludgeoned together, water molecules begin to throw off electrons. The ones residing in the outer S orbital of hydrogen atoms in H2O molecules are broken off from their bonds and are flung into the torrent - only to get reattached to the nearest positive charge - this is usually on an open bond of a neighboring molecule.

But what if that molecule that wants another electron is part of me?

— if it is one of my hydrogen atoms comprising one of my H2os? When that happens I feel good. Positive has met negative. Yin has met yan. There is wholeness in that water molecule that is part of me and I feel that.

I know,  on an embodied, molecular level, that I am balanced and whole. Complete. All-One. 

I smile an inward smile. A contented smile. A relaxed and parasympathetic smile.