Grounding With Free Electrons

The Earth's surface carries a negative charge which is maintained by a global electrical circuit.

This circuit is maintained by three sources: the solar wind, the ionospheric wind, and thunder storms.


The solar wind is comprised of electrons, protons and alpha particles streaming with great force and speed out of the sun. These particles are mostly diverted around Earth by our magnetic field, but significant amounts still reach us. LINK

The ionospheric winds blow in a region 50 to 120 miles above the Earth's surface and are caused by differential solar heating and the gravitational pull of the moon. These winds generate electricity when they come in contact with the geomagnetic field of the Earth. LINK


And 1,000 to 2,000 thunderstorms are constantly active around the Earth, unleashing thousands of lightning strikes per minute. These three electrical generators give Earth its negative charge. LINK 

The Earth is "Ground" electrically speaking. And ground is negative.

Up until very recently we used to walk, sit, live, and sleep on the Earth—directly on the Earth— with no insulating substances between us. As it turns out, this was good for us. It kept us electrically balanced, healthy, and grounded.


The Human body is electrical.

Our hearts need a spark to beat consistently, every neuron in our nervous system needs electricity to fire correctly. Our systems work best when they are electrically balanced. Our circulatory, nervous, and immune systems are enhanced by the negative charge of the earth. Specifically, it is "free electrons" or "negative ions" that are responsible for the healthful effects of grounding one's body. 

Until recently, humans were electrically grounded most of the time. They spent most waking hours outside and if they wore shoes at all, they had leather soles which did not insulate them from the electrical charge of the Earth.

These days, most shoes have rubber soles which insulate and prevent grounding.

Wood, asphalt, vinyl, any petroleum based product all insulate us from the Earth and don't allow our bodies to ground. It is common for people to go for days or even weeks without touching the earth and balancing their body's electrical charge.


Modern day, industrial growth humans spend much of their time in electrified landscapes, being bathed in electro magnetic fields (EMFs), and ever-present streams of cell, bluetooth, wifi, and microwave signals. These energies create a positive charge in the body, and produce free radicals which have been linked to chronic systemic inflammation which is linked to cancer, Alzheimer's, and heart disease. LINK

What are the physiological consequences of living in electrified (positive charge) environments in the absence of regular grounding?

- Higher blood viscosity (sludgy blood)

- Low grade chronic inflammation

- Higher blood glucose levels LINK


- Increased sympathetic nervous system activity (fight or flight)


These are serious, far-reaching, systemic symptoms, linked to many deadly diseases of the industrialized world. Billions if not trillions of dollars are spent every year fighting them., 

All of these symptoms are alleviated when subjects ground their bodies by touching the earth with a bare hand or foot. The balancing occurs immediately.

Blood viscosity, glucose levels, systemic inflammation , and sympathetic nerve activity all drop off significantly when grounded.

Being "grounded" is not a metaphor. It is a basic scientific truth governing life on Earth.

We need to touch the Earth on a regular basis. We need it for our bodies to function properly.