I can talk about nature connection. I can write about it. And I can think about it too. But I feel the most powerful and immediate path to profound Earth connection is to FEEL the connection through my body. To be embodied. 

What does "embodied" mean? It means for me to inhabit my body - to take up residence in this fleshy, sensate, fluid filled, nerve-covered meat suit. And to exploit its sensitivities— to experience and feel life. For the purposes of RTE it is to experience, feel and truly drop-into a relationship with nature. 

All three of the pillars of RTE move me into my body. My Mind slows down and my body awakens as I engage in: 

1) Conscious Breathing

2) Sense Inventory

3) Mindful Connection

The first two in particular... Deep conscious breathing stimulates all of my senses - enables me to access them more easily - and then I can pay attention to what I am experiencing. Without an awakened body - my nature connection can only go so deep. I need to get the blood, the breath, and the cerebral spinal fluid moving and pulsing through my system and be in my body. Take up residence. 

My body is THE primary tool for connecting deeper to Nature. It is a sensual/embodied journey this Return to Earth. It is not cerebral - nor intellectual. It is felt.

Next time you are in Nature: 


Be with all your Senses.

Pay attention. 

Get into and stay inside your sensual, feeling body. It is all you need to go deeper in your Earth Relationship.