For those inhabiting Earth's northern hemisphere,  today is the longest day of the year - and in the south, today is Winter solstice - the shortest day.

In the North, the photon river, flowing from the sun is hitting us at the most direct angle for the most number of hours. Photosynthesizers will have their longest shifts today, creating the most food and growing more today than any other.

Today, northern hemispheric rivers will flow highest with sun-melted snow running out of their watersheds. The pulse of all Northern watersheds will be highest and most thrumming today. More snowflakes will melt and flow from high mountain crags in the Rockies, Sierra Nevada, Cascades, Tetons, Windrivers, Rubies, Alps, Himalaya and countless other mountains. All of these ranges and their drainages today will be flowing at peak sun-induced snow melt.

You Northern Gaians try this:

 - Go to a natural setting.

 - Connect to the earth with all four corners of your feet and give a slight bend to your knees, dropping into your body. Slow your breathing and open your heart to Nature.

- Now feel the liveliness of this day: the growth and activity of all the photosynthesizers, the flow of the creeks, rivers and rivulets. Imagine that you can feel the slow heartbeat and respirations of the Earth beneath your feet as it is bathed in the most intense flow of Life force from our star, the Sun.

The sun is the source of all life and today is the day it lavishes life and love on us most generously. The Photon RIver is in flood stage. Feel the roar.

Breathe it in and feel the truth in your body.