In order to return to earth more effectively I have to think about what parts of my body are doing the connecting, actually touching the Earth. This brings me to my feet. I am almost always connecting to the Earth through my feet. They are on the ground and connecting while I walk or stand. It is only when I am lying down that my feet are not touching Earth, though my heels are. 

Many teachers of Yoga have talked about the power and importance of focussing on the feet. The feet of the ancient yogis were often referred to as divine lotus blossoms - foundations on which the physical body is built. The feet are holy - even sacred. 

Sacred Holy Feet. 

There are many asanas (yoga postures) that focus on strengthening and increasing flexibility  and dexterity of the toes and feet.

Some teachers have described the feet as an extension of the root chakra - that the arches of the feet - 'foot palms' - are like miniature root chakras and just as powerful and important when it comes to building a strong foundation for all standing poses. 

My feet are two branching roots that penetrate the Earth and lead up my legs into the base of my body at my Root Chakra. 

Try This: 

- Go to a natural place. 

- Allow yourself to be drawn to a certain spot— a particular tree, rock, or open place. Follow your intuitive heart and remember to listen. 

- Take off your shoes. 

- Stand with bare feet on the Earth.  

- Rock forward and then back. Now come to a spot that is neither forward nor back but balanced in the middle. Now do the same thing, only rocking left and right. You should now be balanced on all "four corners" of your feet— equally balanced in the centers of your feet - Neither forward nor back, left nor right.  

- Your feet expand and spread-out on Earth.

- The arches lift slightly as the outside (pinky-side) edges anchor into Earth. 

- Imagine and feel your feet becoming like little tents of muscle and bone - like suction cups, attaching you to Earth. 

- Give a slight bend to your knees. 

- Breathe slowly. 

- Earth energy and power are now flowing into you.

- Stay here as long as it feels right. 


I encourage you to try this exercise in different locations. Do you notice a difference near flowing water? In the desert? At the base of a tree? A larger tree? In a wash or dry creek bed? 

Stay open and pay attention.