I have just returned from an eight day training with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapists.

Many things stand out from my time at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park amidst the Bay Laurel Forests in community with 24 artist-activist Nature therapists — 4 men and 20 women.

The language of effective, sense-based, Nature connection was a significant focus of the training. We talked about what words to use, how many, and the spirit/meaning behind them.

"Nature" was not favored.

"More Than Human World" was offered in its place.


I got it.

"More Than Human World" recognizes and honors sentience that is not human: Animal, Plant, Weather, Rock, Land Form. It is inclusive— akin to the Lakota, "All My Relations".

I like the way it feels to say it. 

I understand the linguistic frame of reference. It is more potent, reverent, respectful, and compassionate.

More Than Human World. Or maybe....

"More Than Human Realm".