How long has this been going on?

A compelling number that supports a Return To Earth is 200.

That's roughly how many years it's been since the Industrial Revolution when steam engines, interchangeable parts, and petroleum fueled a rapid exodus from the countryside to the city.

Another number of note is 200,000 - according to most sources, that's how long modern humans have roamed the Earth.

200 vs. 200,000.


This means that for 99.99% of our time on the planet we lived mostly as hunter gatherers, then as agriculturalists and for a thin slice of time as urbanized industrialists.

We used to live on the Earth. We slept on the earth. We walked for locomotion.

Considering these numbers it is not surprising that many of us feel anxious and unhealthy in our modern world.

Our physiology and psychology evolved in deep relation to the landscape.

What is now seen as normal behavior (living in buildings, driving in cars, sitting in chairs) has only been going on for .01% of our history.

Given this information is it any wonder that we feel more relaxed and at peace when we take breaks from the frenetic pace of industrialized life and immerse ourselves in natural, undeveloped landscapes?