Sense Photographs


I have a favorite writing activity  when sitting in Nature. It's simple and it alway brings me further in.

I follow my intuitive heart to an appealing spot to sit. Once I find the spot and make sure it is the right one, I take out my sit pad and maybe put on an extra layer to ensure I will remain comfortable while sitting. I might take a drink of water, or maybe have a snack. I take care of my needs.

Then I open my journal to a blank page and write,

 "I see..." and I look around and feast on the visual stimulation that greets my eyes - then I write all of the things I see. I write for a while - I try to capture all of the sights I am seeing - I get into the details and describe as best I can.

Next I write,

 "I hear..." and I do the same thing - focussing on specifics of what I hear and being as accurate as I can. 


 "I smell..."

 "I feel..."

 "I taste.."

And finally

 "I feel (in my heart)..."

I describe what I am sensing as accurately as I can. Each sense gets at least a paragraph....or more. I give myself over to the task of capturing in words all that I am sensing.

My goal for this is to create a piece of writing that will transport me back to this natural place when I read it in the future.

It is a written down, sense-based photograph.

By taking the time to focus on each of my senses and writing down what I am sensing, I go deeper into the moment and into my relationship with the Earth. My mind doesn't wander when I am engaged in this way.

I am more present.

They're worth reading later too. I collect them.