No Bigs

Sometimes I get a little fascinated with my own story. I get caught up in the happenings of my life, whether it is going the way I want it to, if I have made the right decisions, am doing the right thing, am going in the right direction and so forth. Story. All of the things I have done and that I dream to do. All of it is not really who I am. I get caught up in it though.

I was caught in it recently, and then I went for a bike ride in the woods under a full moon. I felt my story begin to lose some its power, to fade away and in its place was the beauty of the forest - the fragranced air, the loamy earth, the countless trees, shrubs, insects, creatures, stars, the moon, other celestial bodies. All of it together just soothed and calmed me. I began to see myself and my story in context - in relation to the forest and the earth that holds me always. So affirming and comforting and so much less dramatic. And refreshing.

I find that in nature it is hard for me to see my story as being that important or worth worrying about. I am able to let it just be and just exist as a small part of the much larger story that is this One Life We Are Together.

Ahhhh. No Bigs.