Kelp Connection



Sitting on a surfboard in afternoon sunshine

Saying a prayer to the ocean and offering up some grief. . 

Thinking about those things and beings that have recently passed. . . 

Deaths happen every day. . . . and the grief has to come. . . 

it has to move through and be felt - and be recognized. There can be wailing. Tearing of hair. Pounding of fist. Make a lotta grief...let it out...

... to make room for the praise and the beauty. Some say that if we don't grieve properly if we don't loosen that sadness and let it move through us,  we are not going to make room for the praise and the beauty and the honey of this world to flow.  WIthout grief there can be no praise. 


Riding up and down with the salty swell. . 

Seaweed tickles my feet. 

The tendrils of nature. 

The mycellial web with fingers and fibrousness.. . . 

LEt that come and connect me. . I think of the web of the filamental and the denritic and the fliuid filled and the fleshiness of it all - I marvel at the veins in leaves - appreciating the delicate nature of their filamental patterns. . . like my brochioles, the finest dendritic, branching pathways of gas exchange in my lungs. 

 And I understand that with each breath air penetrates and nourishes my body- the life giving gasses that comprise the atmosphere of this green earth, giving life, enabling me to breathe, to push blood,  water, lymph, cerebral spinal fluid through vast, inctricate highways of tubes, ducts, cells, vessels, arteries, and veins. When I feel that deeply, I can walk in the forest with bare feet and feel, see and know that my feet with their cords of tendon and ropes of muscle are like the roots of the trees, like the veins in the leaves, the spongy flesh of the forest floor, intricately infused with the dendritic filamental fog of the mycellial web - and through that web flows the nutrients and the blood of the forest. 

While floating in the ocean on a surfboard

Kelp tickles me.

Fleshy broad leaves brush against my calf 

I feel a spark between us - an electric recognition

My feet, in kelp, my lungs in salt air. Sitting in the sea.

Earth,Moon, Tidal, SEA FORCE flows up through the kelp and into me. 

Inhale. Raise arms slowly. The connection deepens. I keep breathing slowly. Inhale. receive. it is your journey. Unblock the feedback loops - talk to eachother. Listen to eachother. 

Good listening. 

Good listening.