Om-ing in a cave in the desert.


While climbing Ubehebe Peak last month in Death Valley our group stopped in a friendly cave to escape the barrage of desert sunshine. 

Our hearts and eyes, filled with the grandeur of mult-colored mountains that surrounded us and on which we stood. The wind blew softly. We sat in the shade of that shallow cave, more of an overhang under which we sat, gazing for many miles through pristine clarity of desert air. 

Together we exhaled deeply. 

Then inhaled. Them Omed three times. 

Om.  Om.   Om.  

It rumbled in our chests, through-out our bodies, echoed off the walls, bounced back and through us to the expanse beyond. 

After the last Om, the silence came and enveloped us in a loving, palpable embrace. The sound-waves still moving through our flesh. We sat and looked. We sat and witnessed. 

Om. Om. Om. 

Earth to the Sun. We are One. We are one. We are one.