Need/Don't Need


To make a Return to Earth you...

Do Need:

- some time

- a willingness to connect

- some softness/a dropping of armor

- conscious breaths

- open senses

- wonder

- curiosity

- quiet mind

- small pack

- a journal 

- a sit pad (small square of closed-cell foam)

- appropriate layers for thermo-regulation

- water

- snacks

Don't Need:

- Expensive high tech gear

- Go Pro Camera

Because we live in a materialistic narcissistic society, many people assume that in order to spend time outside, they need to have the latest shiny expensive gear and high definition cameras to record their exploits for their Facebook pages. This is not true. Such an attitude can prove a significant barrier to getting outside. You do not need any special gear to spend time out there. You do need to bring enough clothing (ideally made of wool or synthetic) to stay warm, but you do not need to spend large sums of money on the latest outdoor fashions to enjoy your inborn love of nature. In fact, the gear and fascination with it often get in the way of the experience. 

The most important "things" to bring are not things: your sense of wonder, your curiosity, your conscious breath, and your quieted mind. So pack those up with a warm hat, a jacket, journal, and a chunk of foam to sit on and head to the park.