Dressing Warmly

I encourage people to approach nature in a slow and mindful way.

Returning To Earth experiences and activities are not overly physical. Many of them are observation-based and call for extended periods of time sitting in a solo spot, watching both what is happening outside and within oneself.

If I do not wear enough warm clothing at certain times of year (Fall, Winter, Spring) I can get too cold to focus on the work of observing and connecting with nature since too much of my vital energy and focus is taken up with staying warm, or trying to get warm...

So... I  head out the door with more clothing than I think I need so I can remain comfortable even when I am sitting still for extended periods of time. 




When I dress in layers it is easy for me to regulate my temperature and stay safe, warm and dry. A simple layering system:

For Torso:

- T-shirt  (wool or synthetic)

- light windbreaker with hood

- insulative layer with hood

- Rain jacket With hood

For Legs: 

- long underwear

- fleece or wool pants

- Rain Pants


Warm hat



Wool Socks

If it's colder - add more thin wool/synth layers and if warmer, take some away. 

The goal with dressing in layers is to stay warm and dry. If you begin to warm up, you should peel off some layers until you are not hot any more. 

You definitely want to avoid sweating. Do not sweat.

If you feel yourself getting too hot, stop and peel a layer. Don't sweat. If you get sweaty and wet, you will have a much harder time maintaining a safe body temperature.

Stay comfortable. Comfort is the goal.