One Climbs. One Sees.

Spending time in dramatic natural surroundings is many things.

"There is no way to encapsulate all that is happening to us out here. We cannot name and label it into understanding or complete knowing." - Steven K Harper

I attempt to give word and image to that mystery. . . to communicate the genuine presence, love, connection and bliss that is time spent with the original teacher — Mother Earth.

While moving through the Sierra last month, our group shared a moment between Earth and Sky, sitting on the threshold — the ecotone.

We didn't get there on accident.


Conscious walking.

Conscious rising in predawn darkness — moving with headlamps.

We sat for a wind-free hour on the summit  sharing time and breath.  

Tedra Hamel, teacher and guide, recited a quote.

I want to remember this moment and everyone present to remember it.

I am sharing it — bringing you up to see glacial carvings - and  blue of sky.  

Windless peace of morning.


P.S. Try breathing with the yoga segment. . .