Tenderness is an aspect of spring, which surrounds me as I witness Gaian fluids flow down rivers and creeks, swollen to capacity - frothing at their banks a liquid brown rushing: Spring, high water. 

The juice is flowing.

It is the time of new growth bursting forth - of blooming and unrestricted, natural flow - a time of great allowing - there is an openness and a birthing that the land is feeling and expressing now. 

Also increased is the flow of sunshine - the photon river is rising and filling its banks - building in intensity until the 21st of June when the torrent of life and love-light landing on Northern Gaians will reach flood stage. 

As the photon river pours its life force and warmth into the Earth, the photosynthetically charged rivers of xylem sap and phloem sap flow up and down through Spring trees with increased intensity and duration. New growth rivers.  

Chlorophyll-rich leaves receive/inhale the Photon River, combine that energy with Xylem Sap (water and nutrients carried up from the roots) and create Phloem Sap, a sugary, hormone-filled fuel to grow the lush, green crown and nourish all parts of the tree - down to the tiniest of root hairs. 

This flowing factory is diurnal— a daytime show.  It stops at night and re-ignites in daylight.

A scientist from Cal Tech once devised an instrument to measure the girth of trees down to a few microns. He found that when the sun was shining that tree's trunks were narrower, presumably from the tension caused by the xylem's upward current. When darkness came and photosynthesis ceased, their trunks became more girth-some. When the rivers of xylem and phloem cease to flow, they settle and the base of the tree swells - slightly. 

In Spring, many rivers flow: water river, photon river, xylem river, phloem river. All of 'em. Life is liquid - life has juice. It IS juice.  And trees, though woody and straight and strong - are filled with liquid rivers and are just as tender and dependent on water as we mammals. 

When I sense and feel the rivers within and without I feel more connected to all life through our mutual love of water.