RTE is:

- softness
- vulnerability
- allowing
- opening
- receiving
- inhaling
- spongyness
- slowness
- mindfulness

When I go to nature and embody these ideas, I feel loose, supple, and my shoulders,neck, solar plexus and belly feel more relaxed and natural. I am ready to receive - to inhale deeply. Let go and connect.

I am a soft, fluid-filled, fleshy animal - like a sponge.

My soft, receptive sponge-body moves across the soft, flowing, fleshy body of the Earth. We meet: fleshy body to fleshy body. Earth geology is a body - it is our larger body, and I can interact with it through all of my senses (and I have more than five). I soak up nature. I inhale it from 360 degrees around my sponge-like body.

I nuzzle, roll-in, bathe-in, wipe myself on the body of the Earth.

I meet nature in as open and available a state as I can. I feel the calming, constant, supportive, all pervasive love that connects all things - Love - the force that comprises the thready strands in the "web of life". Love Love Love -  connecting and attracting all members of the Earth community. Mutual attraction/love holds nature together.

I walk slowly and mindfully into the forest. I take time to listen to my intuitive heart and sense of aesthetic - I allow myself to be drawn-in — seduced. I follow my intuitive heart. Trust it completely. Peace and healing come to me the more I am able to open and receive - breathe-in and imbibe the healing/loving energy of nature.

Barriers and armorings do not serve me here or anywhere. I choose to drop them and trust that I am safe, loved and nurtured by nature. She's got my back. I trust.

I have patience. I can wait. I am not in a hurry to get anywhere.

My intention is to simply BE where I am in nature and to engage and to feel as many attractions and magnetisms as I can and to revel in them. I exist to connect, participate and interact.  I am here to witness and to celebrate the beauty of the creation.

A sermon.