The Sacred. The Profane.

I once took a vision fast facilitator's training course with the School of Lost Borders in Big Pine California, on the East Side of California's Sierra. It was a powerful experience and I learned many important things about myself and about planning and implementing solo vision quest experiences for others. A theme running through that course was the dichotomy of the Sacred and the Profane. The Sacred being those special, wise, mysterious experiences like storytelling, animal visitations, ritual, smudging with sage and things of that nature. On the other hand was the Profane:  the dishes, brushing my teeth and getting out of my sleeping bag. Both of these are present in all situations. Sacred/Profane.

Here at Returning to Earth, the time in Nature is that Sacred time - sitting with or walking in an opened and available state, taking the time to consciously and sensuously connect with nature. The profane realities are the details of clothing, food, water, sunscreen, warm hat and so forth.

Having the appropriate items in my pack and clothes on my body means I don't have to worry about changes in the weather or getting wet, hungry or thirsty because I have the gear I need to stay safe and happy. My energy is thus freed up to focus on the experience of being out there, opening my heart, mind and body to receive the teachings. In order to access and participate in the sacred I also have to dance the dance of logistics and profane details.  

Once I have taken care of these details I can move across the threshold in a relaxed and fearless manner.