Move Like Water

Humans are water beings. We love water. We ARE water mostly. I sometimes forget this. I'll drink only coffee  and get the jitters and a headache. Then I drink some water and remember. Re-member.

Last night I went for a swim in a cold pool of water after sitting in a sauna. The shock to my skin,  bracing and invigorating. Once in the cold water I worked on slowing my breath and relaxing, reminding myself that I was safe. I could get back in the sauna when I needed to re-warm.

There I was, immersed in a cold pool on a crisp and starry night.

I began wiggling, moving like a worm or maybe a fish. I wiggled my hands and my feet and arms and legs and torso - I flowed and surrendered into the water-filled, viscous, fleshy being I am. I tried to really listen to the liquid inside me and moved in that way - alternating between slow and fast: undulating sleepily and then shaking and quaking with more vigor. I listened to the water. I mimicked its movement. Then I went back in the sauna.

Often when I am inside or sitting in front of a computer I move and hold myself in a rigid and linear manner— the hardness  of the walls, floors, and cool metallic computer influence how I hold my body. I am less fluid-like in such contexts. But I don't have to be.

Why not give myself the pleasure of some fluid movement?

It does not have to be obvious. It can be subtle— an imperceptible movement of hips, neck, or shoulders. Any joint I can choose to hold in a more liquid manner. I can stand, walk, sit, type, and talk like water. Anytime.

Try this: Be the water that you are. Move like that. Be like that. Be the spongy, fluid filled, viscous creature that you are. When feeling and acting upon your fluidity you might feel more at home. I do.