I believe in the healing power of Nature experience - especially when combined with mindful breathing and taking inventory of my senses. It works for me. I feel the positive healing effect of spending time in wild places. Even in more developed natural surroundings like city parks, Nature Heals. I believe.  

But not everyone is like me (thankfully).

Some folks need numbers.

 They want proof. Maybe they're from Missouri (the "Show Me State"). 

In the next few posts I will share facts for the skeptics and cite research being done in the field of forest therapy where researchers are measuring the effect of Nature exposure on: blood cortisol levels, immune system function (killer T-cells), blood viscosity, blood pressure, heart rate, and the electrical charge of the body.

Interesting stuff, and its measurable.  

Even though I'm a believer, I am not a gullible knee jerker. The research I will share has helped me to feel even more committed to this path of sharing Nature's healing power with more people.  

Stay tuned. . .