Where the sidewalk ends... 

Where the sidewalk ends... 

I know where I'm going and have my pack put together. I am ready to cross the threshold and move into Nature in a mindful manner. 

Thresholds are:  

- Where one space meets another.

- Where one time meets another

- Points of crossing over.

- A place for endings and beginnings. 

They are significant.


Teeming with diversity and activity. 

Boundaries between natural communities are filled with life: river bank, lake shore, ocean beach, where forest meets meadow, the tree line. Different plant, animal, and insect communities meet and merge. These are good places for hunting, stalking, and observing. 

There are human made boundaries - where the sidewalk ends... and the wild Earth begins. When going to nature I always cross this civilized/wild threshold. I move from my house to my car to the parking-lot, walk across concrete, blacktop and pavement until...

I am standing at the brink of nature -  at the edge, about to cross over... looking in. 

These portals present me with an opportunity for awareness - for paying attention and noticing not only what is outside of me, but how I am feeling on the inside. It is a time and place for me to re-set and be mindful. I take a deep, slow breath... 

"I am leaving my car, my cell phone, my schedule and my to-do list behind and embarking on a sensual, felt journey into Nature."

The boundary between the developed world and the natural world is worth noticing. What is the relationship between these worlds? How is one effecting the other? How does one support the other? How does one learn from the other? How these two space/times relate to each other is increasingly important on our rapidly changing planet.

As I approach the civilized/wild threshold I slow down, stop, and look around. What do I notice? How do I feel? What are the qualities, characteristics, and spirit of this world I am about to enter?

I pay attention. 

Facing the Redwood Curtain

Facing the Redwood Curtain